6 Things What All Man Want In A Woman | What Do Men Want A Most?

What All Man Want In A Woman | What Do Men Want A Most?:- In this article, I’m going to be answering your question that most women think is as complicated as “What’s the meaning of life?” Or questions like “Why do men have nipples?” Well, let me tell you. The answer to the question “What All Men Want In A woman” is far simpler than any of those questions.

6 Things What All Men Want In A Woman

1. We want a woman who makes us feel manly or masculine.

Nowadays strong, independent women are crushing it in the workplace and establishing total dominance over their male counterparts. And I think that is amazing, that’s great for our civilization.

But unfortunately, some women take that same mentality of dominance and they bring it right into a relationship and then they sit around wondering why it is that the only men who seem to stick around for that relationship are total wussy, beta males. 

Just like a magnet, a confident, like, dominant man is going to be wildly attracted to a woman who complements his manliness with her feminine presence.

And this doesn’t mean that the relationship isn’t equal. Quite the contrary. It means that there’s equality.

But if you’re attracted to a dominant, take charge type of man who likes to lead things in his life, who likes to lead his own life, then you need to allow him to be that man by sometimes taking a step back. Boost his confidence a little bit.

Compliment him. Ask him for help even if you don’t always need that help. Let him be chivalrous.

Let him pull out the door, open the door for you. And tell him how strong he is if he lifts something for you. Even if he’s not that strong. 

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2. We want a woman to be fun and playful. 

Who you date, who you’re in a relationship with, and who you eventually marry is probably the most important and serious decision you’ll ever make in your entire life.

But here’s the thing, when you’re spending time with the guy and dating and seeing him, you can’t think of it that way.

It’s so critical to learning how to live in the moment and learn how to enjoy the moment and laugh with the guy and laugh at him sometimes, poke fun of him a little bit.

And if he teases you or pokes fun of you then, you know what? Lightly punch him in the arm with a smile.

Light is the key term here. Remember, feminine. If you’re constantly putting too much pressure on a man, then he’s going to cave under that pressure and he’s going to try to escape.

So just learn how to enjoy your time together and after a few dates of really getting to know one another, then you can start transitioning that conversation into something a little bit more serious. 

3. We want a woman who passionately loves her own life. 

No man wants a life with you unless you have an incredible life without him. 

If you’re miserable now, a relationship is not necessarily going to make your life any better. So what you need to do is work on yourself first, discover some passion in your life, discover what it is you like to do.

And when you do find that, finally men will take notice of it and they’ll want to be a part of it. 

4. We want a woman that we find physically attractive but who also finds herself physically attractive. 

So let me start by saying one thing. Regardless of what it is that you look like: 

  • Skinnier
  • Larger
  • Taller
  • Shorter
  • Big teeth
  • Small teeth
  • Long hair 
  • Short hair 
  • Big ears 
  • No ears

Regardless of what you look like, there are guys out there who will be wildly physically attracted to you.

Take this from a guy, but I assure you every guy has a different taste in what type of woman he’s into.

But seriously, the thing that’s more important than men being attracted to you is you being attracted to you.

Take care of your health, take care of your body, put time into thinking about what it is that you wear when you go out because you want to feel good about you.

Because when you think that you look ugly, well, you’re going to look ugly. And when you think that you look sexy, well, let me tell you, there is nothing sexier. 

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5. We straight-up want a woman who is honest and trustworthy.

Don’t get in the habit of lying because you’re afraid of what guys will think about the truth.

And don’t be sketchy because you’re unsure of what it is that you want. Being open and honest with people requires vulnerability, and that can be scary sometimes.

But it’s going to be impossible to truly connect with someone if that connection is based on lies. 

6. We want a woman who knows how to communicate her needs. 

I understand that communication can feel complicated when it comes to such an emotional thing such as dating.

And if there’s one thing that I’ve focused a lot of my efforts on is being a dating coach for women over the years, it’s working on women’s ability to understand men and how to communicate their needs with men.

What Do Men Want In A Woman? Conclusion And My Words

I think one, of course, it depends on the man that you talk to. Everyone’s going to have different desires and different things they’re looking for out of a woman.

I think that where a man is in his life as far as; his success, what he’s accomplished, and what he’s experienced, will have a huge impact on what he looks for in a woman, and what he’s willing to accept.

However, what I will say that men need in a woman is support. Someone who believes in them, someone who’s willing to listen.

Because as much as women complain about men being horrible communicators. Women are poor communicators in a lot of ways.

Yes, they may express a lot of things but they’re not doing it effectively. Then when the guy opens up to them too many women don’t know how to nurture that conversation.

They make him feel some kind of way about it, they make him shut down because maybe they attack his feelings, or they disqualify or devalue them.

Someway. Somehow they don’t create an environment that the man feels comfortable continuously opening up to them.

The man needs someone who can listen, who’s going to believe in him, who’s going to pour positive energy into his life.

As men, we already have a lot of pressure that we have to face.

As much as we talk about the things that women deal with there are a lot of things that weigh on a man and make it hard for him; to feel confident to feel good, to be ambitious, to do the things that he needs to do.

To have a woman who can pour positive energy into him, and lift his spirits, and make him feel good about who he is. Is a very powerful thing.

That I believe every man needs when they’re with a woman in a relationship.

Of course, we can talk about sexual satisfaction. There’s a lot of other things that come into play, but those things are just mentioned support, believing in him, and positive energy.

I believe those things will have the greatest impact on his life. Everything else can fall into place from there.

To me, it’s not about necessarily what men want, but what do they need? And then when you tap into that, that will change everything for both sides.

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