How To Deal With Insecurities, Jealousy And Appearance?

How To Deal With Insecurities, Jealousy And Appearance?

How To Deal With Insecurities? Jealousy And Appearance:- How would somebody go by their insecurities? 

It depends on where the insecurities came from or where they started, so if it’s a matter of you questioning how you look maybe because I had a client once, and believe it or not the father would tell her she’s ugly.

So now her issue of accepting being beautiful came from her father. To deal with that we got to get to the root of that issue.

We got to address that relationship, and the impact it had on that person, so whatever has triggered the insecurity is what you have to look at.

Because everything after that is just being piled on, it’s just adding up because of what you held on to it you never healed from, to begin with.

But once we heal from that initial thing now everything else can be taken care of. 

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What’s the process of trying to heal from that particular instance

With each individual, you got to go deeper into it and some things may vary but for the most part, it’s going to require getting some things off your chest, it’s going to require forgiving, it’s going to require changing your mindset, or practicing a new mindset. You’re going to have to reprogram yourself.

If you’ve been programmed to believe you’re ugly, you’re this, you’re not good enough for that.

Well, now you have to tell yourself the opposite, and you have to remind yourself daily, weekly, constantly, so that you can now embrace that new mindset and get rid of that old one.

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Should You Look For Someone Else To Make You Feel Better About Your Insecurities? 

No. Not. You shouldn’t look to someone else. Now, don’t get me wrong we feed off of compliments and how other people perceive us at times, and that’s nothing wrong with that so to speak, but you don’t want to rely on that.

You don’t want to become dependent on what other people think because now, you could get ten compliments in a row you’re feeling great and you get that one person who says you don’t look good, or who will reject you.

And now you internalize that and now you’re back to this negative mindset, so first and foremost, you got to make yourself believe all these things.

You have to rely on yourself to feel better and to have a better perception of who you are.

Don’t look to other people but yeah, compliments will always feel good to most people if not all. 

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Should You Conquer Your Insecurities First Before Getting Into A Relationship? 

That would be ideal. 

Let’s be real. I have to say the vast majority of people are not conquering their insecurities before they get into a relationship.

They’re trying to brush things under the rug and hope to just move past it, or they’re feeding off this other person.

Showing that they desire them and that they want them, and they’re letting that get them through so to speak, but it would be best.

Because again, if you’re carrying insecurities into that relationship now even when that person doesn’t do anything wrong as in your partner if they unknowingly do something that triggers that insecurity now we’re back to square one.

Now we’re having this whole blow-up all because of something that has nothing to do with them.

It started in the past so you don’t want to let that linger. And a lot of times if you hold on to insecurities you’re going to end up with the wrong person because we start embracing the wrong person into our lives based on our self-worth.

Based on what we think exists out there. If you think there are no good guys or good women well you’re going to settle for a bad one.

It would be best if you fixed that before you go entertaining anybody in a relationship. 

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Q. You can see weight gain and loss as insecurity, or somebody’s size like the physical size or their appearance, would you consider that insecurity? 

The insecurity starts with how you perceive yourself but it can be an extension of insecurity and some people…

I’ve had clients who were molested and now they will tell you they purposely gained weight, and they purposely kept the weight on because they felt it made them less desirable.

And therefore, made them less susceptible to being harmed and molested again.

It stems from a deeper issue. Ultimately, yeah, how we look, and how we present ourselves can stem from insecurities, and how we carry ourselves.

Because again, sometimes you can be beautiful but if you lack confidence you don’t look as good.

Your energy is off so that’s where the insecurity carries over into your presentation. 

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Have I Ever Struggled With Insecurities And How Did I Overcome Them? 

YesI has. I think we all have. I don’t know if there’s anybody on the face of this earth that’s never been insecure.

If you say that then you’re probably lying. right? And for me as far as dealing with insecurities is working on my flaws.

If I don’t like the way my body looks I’m going to hit the gym harder.

I’m going to change my diet I’m going to find ways that I can get it better not that it needs to be perfect, but get it to a place where I’m feeling good about it, that I’m not feeling so down, or feel like it’s working against me anymore. To me, that’s the way I always do it.

That’s the way I would challenge other people if you’re feeling insecure about something don’t wait for someone just magically to compliment you, or people to accept you as you are so to speak.

Yes, there’s the level of that, that plays into it, but we want to work on those things.

If it’s stuff like your body, your knowledge of stuff, things that you can change, and you can make better, and improve with just putting certain things into practice.

Then do that. Because we should all strive to be the greatest version of ourselves anyway. 

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