How To Not Be A Dry Texter? How To Respond To A Dry Text?

How To Not Be A Dry Texter & How To Respond To A Dry Text?:- If you are here then you must be sending text messages to someone that you like and you haven’t been getting a response from them, chances are you’ve fallen into the boring text trap.

Don’t feel sad because my goal is to help you figure out how to get out of it How To Not Be A Dry Texter, And How To Respond To A Dry Text?

The boring text trap is a cycle that people fall into where they just send bad text messages over and over, that either kill the conversation, make it boring, or just make that person so uninterested in you that they ignore your messages outright. 

And the oddest part about it is that they’re five simple things that you could be doing right now to get yourself out of it. So let’s go through that. 

5 Tips On How To Not Be A Dry Texter And How To Respond To A Dry Text?

Tip 1. Don’t Send The Same Greetings Every Single Day. 

This is a mistake a lot of people make because they don’t know how to start a conversation, but they know that they wanna talk to their crush every single day.

They feel like just introducing themselves, saying hi, and asking how their day is a good way to start. But that is wrong. Every single conversation you start with someone should have a purpose.

Simply just saying, hey, or how’s your day going doesn’t have a purpose. Yeah, you’re kickstarting a conversation by getting them to talk, but you’re putting it on them to come up with the conversation topic.

Once you say hi, what are they supposed to say? Hey, back, and then you’re back to square one. Plus, it could be super annoying and just come off completely uncreative just to send variations of the same message every single day. 

For example:-

And I know you’re thinking, well if I don’t start with a greeting, then how do I open up conversations? And that leads to mistake number two or tip 2.

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Tip 2. Switch Between Asking Question And Telling Stories.

Doing this is gonna breathe life into your conversations. It’s gonna give that conversation that you’re starting with them a purpose. 

What does that look like, exactly? 

The type of questions you should be asking are open-ended ones. Open-ended questions are ways for them to share their opinion on something.

You’re asking them something direct and that way it’s easier for them to give you a direct response back. I’ve listed up a few open-ended questions you can ask right here. 

When it comes to telling stories, think about the crazy experiences you’ve had, the weird people you’ve run into on the street or the crazy things that have happened to you in your life. 

I know, to some degree, you might be thinking, well, my life is pretty boring. Nothing exciting happens.

But just like a comedian can find small, little pockets of humor in things going on in their lives, and turn it into comedy routines, you can do the same thing. That’s kind of what I mean by starting the conversation with something interesting. 

Asking someone something like:

  • Hey, random question, what’s your favorite animal“?
  • you won’t believe what happened to me when I got home from school today“!

This is an excellent way to kind of inject a little bit of curiosity on their part into that conversation. And it beats out the boring and simple, “Hey, how are you doing today“.

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Tip 3. Make Sure To Tease Them And Flirt With Them.

The third way to avoid that boring text trap is something that you may not be too skilled in, but you need to try to do it anyway: tease them and flirt with them.

Let me break that down a little bit. When I say to tease someone, I mean to find something that the two of you both understand about each other and they’re okay with you making fun of. 

For example, going back to the favorite animal question I mentioned before. Let’s say that they love kangaroos. They’re just obsessed with kangaroos.

You might wanna call them kangaroo girls as an inside joke, something that they can understand you teasing them for that they’re not gonna get super offended by. 

One thing you wanna make sure of is that teasing doesn’t eventually lead to bullying. If you see them getting upset or annoyed by you doing it, I would say stop it outright.

But if they end up coming up with a nickname for you or they end up laughing it off or rolling their eyes at it, then I think you’ve created something.

You’ve added a little thing to include in your text messages to spice them up, to make them a little bit more fun to have.

When I talk about flirting, basically any kind of appreciation or acknowledgment for what they do, what they say, how they dress, how they act, anything like that is gonna make them feel special.

That’s the whole point of flirting in general. You wanna show that person that you’re acknowledging them for who they are.

Now one thing you wanna make sure of is that you’re not saying the same compliments all the time.

If you’re constantly telling them that they’re beautiful, that they’re attractive or that they’re amazing, that they’re perfect, yeah, that’s gonna get boring pretty quickly.

Instead, try to attach your flirting remarks to something tangible, something that that person can relate to. 

For example, say something like this: 

  • Wow, I never really noticed how beautiful your hair was “until you wore it down like that the other day.” 
  • The joke you told at lunch was so funny. “It had me thinking about you all day long.” 

Comments like this will break up boring text patterns because it brings that person back to a time when they felt good and the fact that you’re complimenting them on top of that is gonna make them feel extra good and even more involved in your conversation. 

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Tip 4. Don’t Stay In Texting Limbo With Them Forever.

It’s easy to fall into this mistake because it’s so comforting texting back and forth, but you definitely wanna make sure that the two of you don’t text forever.

You wanna start shifting, eventually, into making plans to hang out one-on-one. 

Now texting is always gonna be a part of how the two of you talk to each other. But, if it’s the only way that you communicate with them, eventually, it’s gonna get boring.

You can only do so much and say so much over text. You need to start transitioning to in-person interactions. 

Think about it like this. This chart explains how the texting cycle works. People get super excited when they reach the pinnacle of texting, where the two of you are going back and forth, responding as soon as possible to each other’s messages, but if it doesn’t transition into hanging out, then it’s gonna start to the pitfall.

You’re gonna start to see they respond less and less or the message they give you back are just boring, uninterested ones, and that’s the last thing you wanna receive. 

How long is too long? 

Let’s say, for example, you’ve been texting this person here and there, maybe a few times a day or a few times a week for the last few months or even a year.

When should you ask them out? Well, I think you have to ask yourself this. Are you at a point with that person where they’re actually interested in responding to you or are they just responding out of courtesy?

Are they responding because you sent them a message? If you’re in that beginning stage, you definitely wanna follow the beginning tips that I shared to avoid the boring text trap.

But, if you’re at the point where they are responding frequently, they are joking with you, you two have built the type of connection, this is the moment to ask. Trust me on this.

I made this mistake tons of times. There were so many girls, in the past, that I used to text that I was afraid to ask out because I was afraid they were gonna say no.

So I stayed in the comfort of just messaging them. I felt like that was easy. At least then, I got a response from them. But eventually what happened was, I hit the dip of that curve and they stopped being interested.

Probably on their end, they thought, this guy isn’t asking me out, this isn’t going anywhere, I have a million other people I can talk to, why should I invest time into him?

When I say asking them to hang out, I don’t mean going on this huge, elaborate date where it’s dinner and a movie and all these fun things. 

I mean something simple like:

  • Hey, let’s get together around lunchtime
  • let’s get together after school one day and just get something to eat.” 

Something small, something simple, something where you can take time to get to know them in person. 

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Tip 5. Don’t Be Overbearing, Give Them Time To Respond.

So many people become impatient and excited, waiting and wanting that person to respond, that they start to over message them, they start to get worried and nervous, and start to sabotage their chances just because they’re impatient.

If a person doesn’t respond to your message as soon as you send it, give them some time to respond. People have busy lives.

They have things going on after school, they have other conversations going on with other people, or they may just not be ready to respond just yet.

Be patient, be understanding, and don’t worry about it. And look, some people just suck at responding to text messages. Sometimes, they’ll respond immediately, sometimes they’ll respond days later.

If that’s the case, that just goes to show that they’re not as involved with you yet on that platform. They make act differently from other close friends, but you need to work on that closeness with them.

And, if texting is not working out, if you’re just not building it through texting, you’re gonna have to take the alternative route, which is to talk to them in person more frequently.

This is something I find myself telling people all the time. If that person isn’t responding over text, don’t ask them why they aren’t responding over text, and don’t keep badgering them there.

Just find an alternate way to talk to them. Maybe they’re with a group of friends and you wanna approach the friends and talk to the whole collective, or maybe you see them in school and you wanna strike up a conversation with them.

Don’t ever put pressure on people and ask them why they’re not responding to you because they’re gonna come up with some made-up reason why, oh they were busy, or this or that happened.

At the end of the day, what you wanna do is build a close relationship with that person. The only way you’re gonna do that is by showing them that you’re willing to be understanding of the boundaries that they’ve set for themselves.

Plus, if you’re texting that person every single day, all the time, you’re eventually gonna run out of things to talk about. Conversations are just gonna flat line on their own because there’s nothing new to bring to the table.

We wanna kind of leave a little bit of time and space in between so you guys can live your lives and then come back together and share them. 

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You don’t have to fall into the boring text trap. If you follow the five tips that I’ve shared today, you’re gonna help bring yourself out of it and revitalize the conversation you’re having with that person. Read our more blog posts, they will help you to run a beautiful relationship.

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