WHY DO MEN AND WOMEN CHEAT? WHY DOES EVERYONE CHEAT?:- So I am going to give you the answer to the men and let’s talk about the fact that women cheat too All right? So men and women cheat.


Now I am going to give you my perspective and some may disagree. Some people love to say cheating is just a choice. That is all it is. People are selfish, end of the story. Yes, that is part of it.

It is a choice on their end and some people are selfish. However, always ask this. If you find yourself always being cheated on, you might want to look in the mirror. That is just keeping it real.


Let me give you an example. I have one guy who was a client. He got cheated on like three different times. And at the most recent one, it was a fiance. She slept with the dude who is sleeping with his baby’s momma.

And it is just some long issue and he is hurting and he is like swearing off all women, swearing off Christian women.

I mean, he is going nuts. But I had to stop him and like, ok, if you got cheated on three times you are doing something.

There is some way that you are contributing to this issue, whether you are choosing these people wrong or you are lacking something.

So we talked about it more and the reality was that he did not know how to fulfill a woman emotionally. And let all the men hear that today.

If you don’t know how to pour into a woman emotionally, you are going to have a problem plain and simple, all right? You have to know how to get in tune with her.

You have to know how to really entice her mentally as well. It takes more than just what is going on on the surface. So he doesn’t understand that and that is why they keep it lacking.

They see him as an easy target because he is that guy that wants to love you so much and going to do everything for you. So he is coming off looking weak and soft and doesn’t know how to fulfill her.

He keeps getting cheated on. All right? But back to the original question of why men cheat as well. Again, it is for the same reason. There is usually something missing or you have got to ask yourself.

Some of you are entertaining men you knew were a dog before you got with them. You knew he was loose. And then you wonder why you cheat on me. That is what he does.

He is not serious about relationships. Do you understand? And I am not going to sit here and say that no man or no woman who cheated can’t be faithful to the next person.

It is very possible. However, you need to make sure you evaluate their behavior before you take that step with them. You need to make sure they cut other people off.

If this person is… has a history of being a dog or, you know, or a loose woman or whatever and now you are with them and they still hide their phone, they are still secretive, they are still… you know, other people walk by and they act funny.

Something is up. And you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. You know, you have to investigate. Sometimes we are afraid to ask questions because we don’t want to scare anybody off.

We want this relationship to work. It is not going to work if that problem exists, it is never going to work. So you might as well open your mouth.

That is the only chance you have of having a healthy relationship with that individual But at the end of the day cheating, it is a lot of different things.

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Sometimes it is due to a person, again, not having a purpose in their life. And when you don’t have a sense, you have a void in your life and you start to look for different things that will fill that void up.

And sometimes we try to find it in other people. So just be mindful of that, but also, again, if you always find yourself being cheated on, it is not to blame you. I don’t want anyone to beat themselves up.

However, you have to always be willing to own up to what you can be doing better or if you are choosing the wrong people because they are not just talking about how some of you… some of you may not be able to handle the person you really love right now.

Sometimes what happens is you start choosing people that you feel more emotionally safe with, that you feel like you can handle better. But that person lacks what you need and, therefore, that is going to always open the door to cheating either on your end or on their end.

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