3 Reason Why Men Lie to Women | This Is For Both – Women And Men

3 Reason Why Men Lie to Women | This Is For Both – Women And Men:- Today I’m going to answer the question or I’m going to explain to you the three reasons why men lie to women. 

Now, I know a lot of women out there have experienced deceit, a lack of transparency, and downright frustrating situations with men because of their unwillingness to be more open and honest.

It’s led to a lot of women asking the question, why? Why do these men struggle with being more honest in theses situation and just telling the truth?

Why Men Lie to Women – 3 Reasons

Let me first make the argument that lying is not just a man issue. People are lying in general. People are struggling with being more honest and being more open.

However, I’m going to discuss the men today. I’m going to use these reasons and apply them to them, but they can be applied to both men and women in a lot of situations. 

1. He Can’t Get What He Wants If He Tells You The Truth. 

The reality is that, if a man felt like he could be honest and still gets what he desired then he would be honest. 

To give a perfect example, let’s use a scenario where women will say, “If a man would just be honest about his sexual intentions upfront, she may be willing to do that and everything can go smoothly.” 

That’s not the way it plays out. In reality, so many men have tried that and have failed miserably.

Now, whether it’s right or wrong that even he should be trying to approach a woman just with sexual intentions.

Men have seen that when they are very upfront about their sexual desires, it doesn’t get them anywhere. 

Yes, there may be some situations here and there that play out in their favor, but for the most part, it doesn’t go that way. For that reason, men will lie. 

Men will take the alternate route to get or detour essentially to get to the outcome they desire with that woman.

Again, I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m simply explaining the motivation behind why that man is lying to you. 

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2. Because You Keep Believing The Lies. 

The reality is this as a woman you have intuition and your intuition is telling you somethings wrong.

Your intuition is picking up on a lot of the inconsistencies and the red flags that exist with that man and dating him.

However, when he gives you his story when he feeds you his lies, you believe it. Because you want so badly to hold onto the situation.

You want to give him the benefit of doubt despite you know deep inside that this may lead to trouble. You have to stop shooting yourself in the foot.

He’s going to keep lying to you if you’re going to keep accepting it.

If you’re going to keep buying into it, he has no reason to come clean and be honest, so understand the role you play in stopping the lies.

Granted, you don’t always know it’s a lie, so I’m not knocking you for that, in any kind of way.

None of this is is to knock you, it’s to help you, and encourage you, but when you do sense a lie or when you do sense a discrepancy address it.

Address it in a calm, loving manner because attacking somebody isn’t going to get you anywhere, and isn’t going to make them more forthcoming.

Be calm, be cool, address the issue, but again, trust your intuition at the end of the day because it doesn’t lead you wrong. It’s a blessing. Embrace it. 

Read this full article to know about “3 Reason Why Men Lie to Women”. Thanks for reading this article.

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3. Man Lacks Maturity And He’s Selfish.

This is what people do in general, but we’re talking about men. The reality is that to tell a lie is a very selfish act.

We try to cover it up with a bunch of white lie validation or I’m telling them this lie to save them. In reality that individual’s trying to save themselves.

The reason why is important for you to understand it is because many times, you’re internalizing his deceit.

You’re questioning why he chooses to lie to you when his lie isn’t about you. It’s about him.

It’s about his selfish desires, it’s about his unwillingness to face the undesired outcome in that situation.

It’s about his unwillingness to have to deal with any kind of confrontation that may come from him being more honest. He has some deeper issues so he struggles with honesty. That’s all it is. 

Don’t take it upon yourself or don’t internalize it to now questioning your self-worth and value because this man or many men have lied to you.

The reality is that many men are lacking maturity. Many men are selfish but again, many people are struggling with these things. 

Conclusion And Final Words

Again, ultimately though, the one thing I will leave you with once again. It’s a repeat of what I said earlier but I feel like it’s the most important thing for you to take away from this is trust your intuition.

Stop ignoring what your spirit is telling you. Again, it doesn’t mean just fly off the handle when you sense something.

It means to address the issue and if you cannot get honesty or you cannot get to a place of peace in that situation, then it’s simply time for you to go.

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