Issue With Calling Yourself An Independent Woman | Problems

Issue With Calling Yourself An Independent Woman | Problems:- One of the biggest issues I come across with women today is this independent woman mentality. I used to call it independent woman syndrome.

I had a lot of people get mad at me. “Are you trying to call this a disease?” “You’re trying to make independent women a bad thing?” I’m not calling it a disease but it is a problem and let me explain why it’s a problem. 

Problems Or Issues With An Independent Woman

First and foremost, I think there is a lot to love about a woman who knows how to be independent. Who knows how to take care of herself.

She doesn’t have to rely on other people to get things done. She’s a go-getter. She makes things happen. She handles her business.

That should be respected and honored. Notice what I said, a woman who knows how to be independent.

The problem or the concern I have is when you call yourself an independent woman you are defining yourself by the exact thing that chokes the life out of a relationship. Independence. 

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For a relationship to thrive you need interdependence. We have to rely on each other, trust each other, lean on each other.

If we don’t have a teamwork environment in our relationship it’s going to fail. So when you view yourself and call yourself an independent woman. You have a harder time getting out of that mindset.

You have a harder time letting down the walls necessary to embrace someone doing for you. To embrace learning on them and trusting them, and coming together with them. 

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The Issue With Calling Yourself An Independent Woman

Listen, independence isn’t just an issue for women. If a man becomes too independent in a relationship it will destroy the relationship.

If he starts making decisions and doesn’t consult you, doesn’t consider your feelings. Guess what? You will feel devalued. You won’t feel loved.

It will cause a huge problem. It happens the same way on the other side, so I would encourage all women as of today.

Stop calling yourself an independent woman. You’re a woman who knows how to be independent. It’s a skill and when it’s a skill you use it when necessary, and you turn it off when necessary.

When you’re trying to date and build a relationship turn the independent women mentality off. You need interdependence and when you embrace that I guarantee you will see much greater results in your relationships.

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