5 Signs He Is A Low-Value Man Or A Toxic Guy | Is He A Toxic Guy?

5 Signs He Is A Low-Value Man Or A Toxic Guy | Is He A Toxic Guy?:- There is a lot of men who will give you flattery and promises to get you hooked on them without even thinking of delivering anything and to feel safe and secure, do not fall into these manipulation traps.

You need to know the game, you need to have the knowledge because if you do not have the knowledge you get lied to, you get manipulated, you get used and abused.

5 Signs He Is A Low-Value Man Or A Toxic Guy

1. He Is A Drama King.

He is a drama queen. I’m sorry, drama king. Ever noticed your guy likes to argue or pick fights at least every week or so?

This can be a sure sign your guy is toxic and loves to create arguments and a hostile environment.

If you have seen that after your last fight it is not very long until he picks on something else to argue about, be very aware.

If during an argument he gets you to the point of crying, begging, and apologizing, this is what a toxic guy wants from you for him to be nice again.

Also, if you find him attracted to other people’s drama in which he constantly includes himself, instead of minding his own business, this is not a good sign either. Stay away from this drama king. 

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2. He Diminishes Your Self-Esteem. 

This type of man cannot be a very happy person. People who are generally unhappy try to bring walls around them down to their level.

If you find that your man puts you down whenever you’re happy, or you get a promotion and he tries to diminish the promotion you just got, or maybe you went to get a makeover, you look beautiful, stylish, and fresh, but instead, he tells you that this look does not suit you.

Then this is someone who does not want you to feel secure for fear that you will leave him and for a way to keep control over you. 

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3. He Doesn’t Trust You. 

If your guy does not trust you, and you have not done anything to break his trust, this is not a good sign.

As he will constantly try to push you to prove yourself that you are trustworthy, yet he will still find what to pick on.

The usual reasons are is because he is cheating himself, so he’s assuming that you will cheat also, or he has very deep-rooted insecurities and there’s nothing you can do to get him to trust you. 

As much as you would like to help him, this is not your problem. It is on him. He needs to want to sort this out himself. So all you can do is leave him to it. 

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4. He Is Needy

An extremely needy man will be toxic to the relationship because it will be all about him, all take and rarely give. 

A needy man will try to take up all of your time and try to lower your standards and your boundaries because he doesn’t have any.

This type of man will make it all about him and will drain you out completely. 

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5. Lots Of promises And No Action

This type of a toxic guy is very unreliable, making promises to make you happy in the short-term and then doesn’t deliver.

When confronted, he will deny what he said and make you feel that you are crazy and that you’re hearing things.

If this will happen often, you will feel tempted to record conversations just to prove that you’re not crazy. 

If you facing that, get out fast. Too often, they are toxic men that give out this behavior and it has become so unfair to women.

If his words do not match up with his actions, make sure to take notice, no you’re not crazy, and get out of there fast. This is toxic behavior. 

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These are my five signs that you might be dating a toxic guy, please keep it in mind that there is no perfect man out there.

Same as high-value woman slip, same high-value man slip also. We do slip sometimes, it can even be cute and sometimes make a person a bit more attractive. 

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