Nice VS Bad Guy: What Women Really Want? How To Impress A Girl?

What Women Really Want? Likes & Dislikes!

How To Impress A Girl? What Women Really Want?:- It’s not about you entertaining women. It’s about you drawing emotion out of them.

You see, when you go to a movie, you feel happy then you feel sad then you feel thrilled when you feel scared. You feel a very wide range of emotions. 

When it comes to attraction, women respond emotionally. Which means they aren’t responding to you on a logical level. 

They aren’t choosing who they are attracted to. They become attracted when they feel a range of emotions around them. 

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Why Don’t Women Like Me (Nice Guy)?

Famous dating guru David DeAngelo said it best “attraction isn’t a choice”. The attraction isn’t a choice. 

Yes, that’s right. Attraction, it’s not a choice. This is why a woman might go with a bad boy, a guy that’s not good for her because he knows how to supply her with a range of emotions, even negative ones. 

The fact that they’re unpredictable is what draws you in. You want to see what happens next. 

This is why women aren’t attracted to nice guys because they’re boring. 

That was me a long time ago. I was a nerdy, nice guy that was appeasing and accommodating.

Always willing to help out, even if I had more important things to do. I was agreeable and I never wanted to rock the boat. That’s when everything came crashing down.

I learned that to attract a woman, you had to be more unpredictable, and less afraid of letting her experience a negative emotion. 

You see, we all experience a range of emotions and for women, just like a movie, sucks us in. 

It’s an unpredictable emotional journey for her when she’s with you. Normally nice guys only give her one emotion. And usually, it’s boredom. 

One way in which you build attraction is by making tension by bringing out a range of emotions, just like a movie. 

What does that look like? You’re going to have to bring out some of the negative emotions that you’ve always been afraid of doing your whole life. 

It’s okay if she feels annoyed or frustrated or angry or upset, this is normal. 

You can’t just sit there trying to make a girl happy all the time. Counter-intuitively it’s boring and not interesting if she’s always happy if you’re always appeasing her. 

Don’t be scared of a woman you’re talking to having a negative reaction. This is normal.

This is the stuff that life is made of. Plus, it’s going to be more interesting and unpredictable because she’s not going to know what’s happening next. 

How To Impress A Girl (Women)?

Let me give you the step-by-step process. There are three things that you need to do. 

1. Don’t compliment

Withhold all of your compliments. Actions speak louder than words. Don’t worry. She’s going to know you’re interested.

A lot of guys love to compliment women. And I know why they’re doing it. It’s manipulative. It’s not to make them feel good.

It’s so they can let her know that he’s interested. She’ll know you’re interested when you ask her out.

But if you keep complimenting her, it’s the same predictable action that everyone else does and doesn’t get her into a new emotion. 

2. Saying no to things you don’t want to do 

You don’t have to make sure your schedule opens up just for her and does the things that she wants to do on her time.

No, you can do what you want to do as well. It’s okay to disagree. It’s okay to have a different opinion.

It’s okay for you to be on two different wavelengths when it comes to what you believe in. That is going to spike her emotions even more. 

3. Don’t be so available

When you’re too available, you become needy which is very unattractive to women. So if she texts messages you, don’t text her back right away.

And don’t be sitting on your phone all day texting her. Be busy.

You want to have a life and do things that are interesting to you and hobbies that you love so you can be busy. 

Final Words

Now it’s up to you. Do you want to be the guy in the nice guy category, who’s boring and predictable and never creates attraction with a woman? Or do you want to be like the guy who’s like a movie where she’s so excited and thrilled and can’t wait to see next? The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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