3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Chasing Her And She Will Come Back

You Should Stop Chasing Her And Then She Wants You Back. There is a very good explanation, and there are very good reasons why a man should not chase after a woman.

It can be a little wordplay there but understand that yes, a man should show interest.

A man should throw his hat in the ring and he should show an effort to get to know a woman and all these things but chasing.

To chase someone is like something is running away from you and you’re still trying to get going after it. Or a woman making you jump through all these extra hoops. 

  • This is not healthy. 
  • This is not good.
  • This is not a set up for a great relationship. 

You will also get to know what happened when I stopped chasing her and how she wants me now.

I Stopped Chasing Her Now She Wants Me – Why?

Let’s get to the specific three reasons why a man should not chase after a woman. 

1. There Is A Thin Line Between Desire And Desperation

What do I mean? 

I mean that when you are chasing something, you end up going into this mentality or you end up looking desperate in a lot of situations.

This is not attractive to most women. The woman who’s happy with this man chasing her like that.

There’s something else going on there, and we’ll get that in reason number two. 

But understand that in most cases when a man is chasing after a woman it’s not a good look on him.

He starts to lose the respect of that woman. Some of you may have seen examples of men who chased after women and after years or whatever finally got her, and now they seem like a happy couple.

I’m sorry to say but in a lot of these situations– I’m not saying all but in a lot of them, it wasn’t as if she truly fell in love with this man because his chase showed her so much.

It’s that she realized, “I don’t have a better option anymore. I’m getting older, let me just give this guy a chance, or he’s worn me down to where I’m just going to give in to his advances”. 

That all sounds bad and you know what?

It’s because it is, and that’s the reality of a lot of these situations where the man is constantly chasing the woman, so understand that yes, a man should show desire, but when it starts to look like desperation, you’ve crossed the line and that is not a good place to be. 

Read this full article to know more about when I stopped chasing her now she wants me.

2. How You Start Is How You Finish. 

What do I mean by that? 

I mean that in a lot of situations where the man has to chase after the woman– this is something I want the men to understand and embrace.

When you are made to have to chase after her initially, you are typically going to end up in a relationship where the onus is always on you to make more of an effort.

Where she is always on such a high pedestal that is expected you to make it work, for you to do this, for you to do that.

Where she gets to sit back and wait for your actions every single time.

Again, this is a setup for disaster because, in any relationship where you see this one-sidedness, you are headed for horrible things, and you’re headed for that man essentially getting burnt out, creating resentment in that relationship, animosity, and all kinds of negative energy.

Because there’s not a mutual effort. That’s the key. When you want a healthy, happy, relationship, it’s about a mutual effort from both parties – both the man and the woman – to work together to build something amazing.

But when a man is chasing or on the flip side if a woman is chasing a man everything is off. Everything is off and you’re headed for disaster every single time, so understand that that’s a huge red flag.

Also, what you have to understand about women– and, of course, I never want to say all, but a whole lot of them is that if a woman makes you chase there are only two reasons why – my opinion – this is happening. 

Reason Number One: She’s not that interested in you. She may be on the fence, she may think there are certainly good qualities about you, but she’s not sold on the idea of being with you, and not sold in the way that if you simply presented a couple more things, you’d be good. No, she’s just not feeling it.

From the inside of her, it’s just not there whether it’s a lack of attraction, whether it’s just something that’s just missing. It’s not there, but she may allow you to chase because she wants to see if maybe she can finally turn that corner and walk into this and make a relationship happen with you. 

Reason Number Two: She has her walls up. She is been hurt, she’s been through some stuff before, so essentially there’s some emotional damage there, and because of that, she wants you to show her enough for her to feel safe to now put herself out there, and embrace being with you.

For a lot of women right now listening, you may think well that makes perfect sense. There is nothing wrong with that. No, there’s a lot wrong with that. 

Here’s the reason why. 

If a woman has a wall up and you’re waiting for the man to show how great he is. This is the woman who is always on guard, so what will happen is this.

Even if the man shows enough for the woman to feel like she can embrace this, the minute he does anything, anything that remotely looks like anything that she’s been through before or looks like any kind of semblance of a red flag.

She’s running back behind her walls and we’re back to square one. She is so easily triggered because she never healed from the issue.

She’s just waiting for you to give her enough reason to try to climb over her wall.

The other thing that can happen is the more you do well, the more she becomes skeptical of you, and the more she thinks this is too good to be true.

Again, you can’t heal her and her lack of healing is going to block her from her ability to fully embrace whatever your true intentions are or you being a really good great guy who truly loves her.

This idea that you can just chase her and convince her, and essentially emotionally beat her down – because that’s what you’re trying to do in a lot of ways – for her to finally accept that you’re really about her.

It’s not going to happen or if it happens there’s going to be a lot of unhealthy factors and foundational pieces in place that’s going to set things up for bigger problems later. Not the thing to do. 

I followed these steps and I stopped chasing her now she wants me.

3. When You Have To Chase After A Woman It Becomes An Unnecessary Distraction. 

Listen, when you are chasing after something, you start to get tunnel vision, you start to overlook red flags, you start to allow things to fall to the wayside in your life that you need to be focused on.

Let me tell you something. God does not want you so focused on the woman that you’re forgetting what you’re supposed to be doing for yourself and in your life.

It can cause a lot of problems when we’re in the mindset of chasing.

Again, when we’re building something with a mutual effort with somebody great, that’s an amazing, wonderful thing, but when it’s a one-sided affair, and you’re the one putting in all the work, and you’re the one trying to convince them to give you a chance, to convince them to be with you.

You are putting yourself in a very dangerous position and it is more than likely going to shoot yourself in the foot.

It’s not going to work in your favor so understanding that it is unhealthy for you, in your personal growth, and what you need to be accomplishing in your life.

As I mentioned in reason number one and number two, it is unhealthy for the potential relationship that could come from this chasing because yes, sometimes a man who chases catches the woman, but then he ain’t happy with what he caught.

Then we got a whole other problem on our hands. Now, we got people married, getting divorced, or having miserable marriages, having toxic households, because the foundational pieces were never there to have a happy and successful relationship. 

Again those are my three reasons why a man should not chase after a woman. I know these reasons and I stopped chasing her now she wants me. I want to hear your comments. I want to hear what you think so leave them below.

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