Do You Need To Lower Your Standards in Dating? Standards Are Too High

Do You Need To Lower Your Standards in Dating? Your Standards Are Too High:- I’m not someone who’s going to ever tell anyone to lower your standards, I don’t believe in that. 

So, you ain’t going to lower your standards, but you may have to raise your qualifications. 

Some of you’ll want a six-figure partner with a minimum wage resume. I love you all, but I got to be real with you all.

If you want a certain type of individual in your life, you have to tap into the qualities that attract that kind of partner.

You cannot expect people to overlook all your issues and still want to be with you in a committed relationship.

Do You Need To Lower Your Standards in Dating?

We have to get rid of this mentality of, “take me as I am“, “flaws and all“. Well, ain’t nobody taking your ass. So, something is wrong.

We got to change it, ain’t nothing wrong with that. Do not feel bad about that. We have to learn that growth is necessary.

There is not a person on the face of this earth that was a desirable partner from birth to the end of their life.

People had to learn to put the work in, people had to learn to address certain issues.

Yes, some people get lucky without that, but they pay a price for it. So, don’t think “oh, well this person got issues and they got a partner”. No, because you don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors.

There is a lot, people are fronting on the internet. People are fronting when you go to their house for the holidays.

There’s a lot of jacked up relationships, but they act like everything is okay. And it’s because they continue to ignore deeper issues.

So, we have to work on ourselves. You are not going to attract that type of man with that type of energy.

The same way if a man comes to me and says all this about women, where is your energy at first? Tap into that, fix that. Understand that we desire different things. 

The Issues A Lot Of Women Are Facing

I also feel the need to mention this because again, sometimes things will hit my spirit and I just got to say it.

One of the issues a lot of women are facing especially in regards to this masculine energy is that you are evaluating your worth on the same scale you evaluate men. 

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Why I’m Struggling To Meet A Man? What’s going on? 

  • I’m a good woman
  • I got a good job
  • I got my own house
  • I’m educated

Stop right there. It’s not to devalue your accomplishments. It’s not to say that it’s not important. I respect it, we applaud it, we love it.

However, in regards to attracting the kind of man you want he doesn’t care about those things. He wants your love, your feminine energy.

Are you going to look good for him? Are you going to talk to him right? Are you going to make him feel good? That’s what’s important, all right.

You value the education, the work, the money, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but stop using that scale to determine your worth.

Because then what happens on the flip side is, women who aren’t accomplished, who may not be educated can meet an amazing man who has it all together and she says why me?

I’m not worth that he could be with someone else. Little do you know he wants to be with you. 

Here Is The Crazy Thing About Men And Women

A man could be a millionaire, and he would marry the woman who’s a cashier at Chick-fil-A.

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