Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You And He Wants a Serious Relationship

3 Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You And He Wants a Serious Relationship:- If you really wanna know about men whether they are serious about you or not, then you are at the perfect place right now because in this article I am going to share 3 signs that will tell you if a man is into you or not.

Dating has changed a whole lot over the past hundred years. A hundred years ago, it was generally either nothing or I am seriously interested in marrying you. There was nothing in between. 

In 1917, there weren’t too many casual late-night booty calls. 

In 1917, there weren’t too many guys who just text you but no follow-up. 

In 1917, there certainly weren’t any I’m going to meet you on Tinder, have sex with you, then never talk to you ever again, because Tinder didn’t exist back then. 

Back then, it was a lot easier for a woman to know if a guy was serious. If he was pursuing you, he was generally courting you for marriage.

It was a tad bit more formal back then than it is now. Although I think relationships are much healthier now and give women total freedom to do what it is that they want with their love lives, relationships have also become just a little bit messy. 

Now, it’s so important for a woman to be able to decipher if a man’s intentions are relationship-focused or just sex-focused. 

3 Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You

Here are three signs that a guy is interested in something a lot more serious than just casual. 

#1. He Wants To Get To Know You The Person, Not You – Your Body. 

Now we have a client that’s on my Facebook page and she had a lot of challenges.

She was seeing this guy and they had just amazing sexual chemistry. They were seeing each other for a while, but she found that over the three months this dude didn’t know anything about her.

She had a hobby and she was really into horseback riding, and of course, he never asked anything about it.

He didn’t know that she even did it. He didn’t know anything about her off relationship with her mom.

Shoot, this guy didn’t even know really what she did for a living. You’d think that after three months, this guy would be trying to get to know her, but he wasn’t.

Now, she just justified it in her mind. She thought he was busy, he’s got a lot going on in his life, so maybe that’s why he’s not asking much.

The reality is if he’s not trying to learn more about you, then the reality is he just doesn’t care.

I know that’s the harsh reality of this, but it’s so important for you to be able to decipher the guys who are interested in getting to know you the person, rather than you just in the bedroom. 

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#2 He Uses The “R” Word (Relationships). 

Back many years ago when I was single and not looking for a serious relationship, I would avoid the “R” word at all possible costs. 

“I just think relationships are so great.”

 “Uh, so, I don’t know if you heard, but Donald Trump is now president.” 

When men are in that stage in their life, they are going to avoid any chance of talking and they will avoid that “R” word.

On the other hand, when men are looking for a serious relationship and they’re open to it, they’ll talk about relationships in a positive way. 

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#3 He Stops Trying To Live The Single Guy Lifestyle And He Is Willing To Grow Up A Little Bit. 

If you find that during the week, he’s willing to spend time with you during the weekday, but on the weekend he’s going out and getting wasted with his single buddies at the bar, then you know what? He’s probably still getting out there a little bit.

A guy who does want a serious relationship is willing to commit his life to that woman.

He’s not teetering on the edge of being the single guy having fun going out, or being in that relationship.

He’s got to be willing to put that aside and invest more of his time, both during the week and on the weekends.

He’s going to want to spend that time with you rather than always going out there and spending time with his single buddies and doing what it is that single guys do. 

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My Words

Now I want to hear from you. Have you ever dated a guy who wasn’t interested in a relationship, but you kept seeing him? 

Let us know in the comments. I’d love to hear your story. If you enjoy this article and you want to learn more tips about how to transition from that kind of casual relationship to something much more serious, then visit us again.

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