How To Behave And When To Text A Guy After Sleeping with Him

How To Behave And When To Text A Guy After Sleeping with Him:- If you are planning to sleep with your guy and not sure whether to do it or not, or you have slept with him already and you can feel that you are getting much more attached, you’re falling in love, and he is pulling away, then this article is for you.

In this article, I will share why women feel much more attached to a man after sex than a man does. And how to behave with him in order not just to keep his interest but to get his love and attraction to grow bigger for you. 

Why Do Women Get Attached To A Man After Sex?

It’s just how we are designed, it’s biological. When a woman sleeps with a guy, she releases a lot of oxytocin which is also called a love hormone. 

For example: when a woman gives birth to a baby she’s also releasing this hormone. 

This is why mothers naturally have this crazy strong bond with their babies. Men do release a bit of oxytocin during sex also, but not as much as a woman does.

Also, there is one other major difference in what happens after sex. A woman gets much more attached after sex, as she just released a love hormone.

Whereas a man needs to pull away as a loving activity makes his testosterone levels drop down. Therefore he needs to pull away to recharge it. 

So when you think about it guys, in the past, sex after marriage was designed to fulfill a woman’s needs.

As if she’s releasing this love hormone which makes her bond to the guy more, it’s okay because she’s already married to him, so it is safe to experience it. 

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What Are You Supposed To Do Now? 

Can you answer for me, in the comments below, how long do you usually take the have sex with a guy? So we can get a general idea of how long women wait or maybe don’t wait. 

How To Behave With A Guy After Sex? 

If sex is a big deal for you because let’s say you were raised in a society where sex is a big deal, and if this is your perception, and on top of it, you release oxytocin during sex because you are a woman, then hon, do not sleep with the guy too soon because you will not be able to handle it.

Give it time until the guy’s fully invested. As, why would you give away something that is a big deal to someone who doesn’t care about you, is not invested in you, and will not appreciate it? 

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How To Behave After Sleeping With A Guy?

So here is the proper system which I have designed for you.

Once you have sex with a guy then you are ready and on your terms, why when you’re ready, and why on your terms?

Because men are always ready. It’s we who need to take time. 

What Is The Strategy? 

The strategy is: Give It Time, let him invest in you, and let him prove himself to you, but do not tell him that sex is a big deal for you.

As if you do that, in today’s society, you will probably freak the guy out or he will try and convince you otherwise.

As in everyone’s doing it, let’s enjoy the moment, you only live once, you are not normal, you will never have a boyfriend, you are equal, and the list goes on and on and on.

And once you do sleep with him, treat it as if it’s not a big deal, and stay the same. 

For example: do not be needy, do not pursue, stay a challenge. If he is more loving and more protective after, perfect, enjoy it, respond to it, but if he’s not, do not be the one starting to chase, pursue, and show all your love plus devotion, as this will turn him off and he will start to lose interest.

Why Do We Need To Play These Games And Hold Back? 

Well, today’s society is designed for men. I was thinking, a couple of days ago, about a song that goes something like this, “it’s a man’s world but it would be nothing without a woman in it“.

I think this is how it goes, right? Well now ladies, it is just a man’s world with no woman in it.

And we need to adjust to it, not lose ourselves as women, and not fall for the equality card which is in a lot of ways used for the wrong reasons, such as we are equal, if a man can do it, you can do it too. 

Yes, we are equal, and we do have the same rights, but we are not the same. In this world we were designed to complement each other, not to be the same and copy one another. 

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