Why Is It Important To Forgive Yourself? Healing Is Necessary

Why Is It Important To Forgive Yourself? Healing Is Necessary:- This whole idea of where you could have done things better, you could have handled things differently.

That’s always the case. Personal accountability is healthy. Beating yourself up over mistakes unhealthy, all right?

That’s where you have to find the balance here. I’m glad that you can look at a situation and say, “Dang, I could have done this better.”

I could have done that better That’s awesome. That’s how you learn and grow, and you start to apply that wisdom to your next situation.

But what you’re doing is:

  • You’re looking at your mistakes
  • You’re beating yourself up
  • You’re feeling bad
  • And then you’re feeding this idea of you not being good enough.

You being a failure, you being a hypocrite. Which also with the hypocrite thing– and I could be wrong here, so I’m going to put that disclaimer out real quick.

In my eyes being a hypocrite isn’t simply I’m saying this, that, and but I end up messing up and doing this.

No. What makes you hypocrite is when you say, “Okay, this is the way things should be done.” Then you’re living this other life contrary to what you’re preaching and you’re trying to validate that other life.

That’s not slipping anymore. That’s not a mistake. That’s you trying to live two lives and present one thing but do something different. That’s hypocrisy to me, but for you, I don’t see hypocrite.

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I see a human being that’s struggling. That’s very different. When we can look at what we did wrong and we can acknowledge it as wrong, but yes, we may still have a struggle with this.

For example, You mentioned addiction. I’m not going to ask what it was specifically. If you were doing it and you were struggling with it, but you were constantly acknowledging you don’t need to be doing this. This isn’t best for you then that’s not an example of hypocrisy to me.

I think putting that label on yourself is a little unfair, but yes, the minute you start trying to validate unhealthy actions while you’re busy telling people the opposite of what they should be doing or opposite of what you’re doing.

Then yes, that is when you’re being a hypocrite. Again, even if you catch yourself in a moment of hypocrisy, it isn’t beat yourself up about it and dwell on it. It’s okay. Stop being a hypocrite.

Make some changes and move forward but don’t confuse struggle with hypocrisy. That’s two different things.

We’re going to all have struggles, man. I don’t know of any person– I don’t care how godly they are, who doesn’t struggle with something.

You got to get to a place of not beating yourself up and again, I think looking at your mistakes and your struggles as part of the human process.

As part of what we all go through at some point in our lives and continue to go through for many of us, depending on what the situation is.

The only way to break free from all of this that has held you back and weighed on you is you got a heal. You got a heal and you’ve got to forgive. You’ve got to forgive.

You’ve got to forgive the people who you felt turned their back on you. You got to resolve this with your father, forgive him, and you’ve got to resolve this with God.

It seems like there’s probably more than those three that we can add to the list.
I know it seems like a lot. And it’s very overwhelming trying to get all this stuff out. It’s going to take a lot of you, but it’s necessary.

It’s going to be the best thing you could have ever possibly done for yourself, and it’s going to be so much easier to look at these things differently once you start to release these things from your system.

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