Should I Text Him? How Long You Should Wait To Text A Guy Back?

Should I Text Him? How Long You Should Wait To Text A Guy Back?:- Today, we’re going to talk about how long you should wait to text a guy back. I’m going to tell you how long is the perfect time to build maximum attraction with any man. 

How Long Should You Wait To Text A Guy Back? 

That is an answer that a lot of you seem to want to hear. I’ve seen other coaches tell you this, and one thing that I hate that gets put across is this idea of the perfect time. 

The perfect number of minutes, perfect number of hours, perfect number of days. 

There is no perfect time, and any coach that tells you that is leading you down the wrong path. 

First of all, if I’m honest with you, I hate the question, and the reason I hate it is that it pushes us down this vibe where dating is becoming more and more gamey and more and more weird and strategic rather than forming real connections with real people. 

But number two, the odd part about this question is in the time you’ve already been reading this article, you could have texted the poor bloke back already. 

Why are we asking the question? 

Well, there is a good reason for it and I can see where it comes from because we all know that if you text someone back straight away constantly, especially when they’re not doing the same for you, it seems unattractive. 

But there’s also this issue of, okay, let’s always wait 20 minutes to text the guy back, which is just weird. 

It’s just weird and it’s making dating this game rather than what it should be, which is forming authentic connections with real people. 

Where’s the balance?

What I want to give you is a way to think about this question. That means you will always know the exact time to respond to a man and have it happened completely naturally.

In other words, sometimes you get to find yourself texting him back straight away, and other times you’re not. But I don’t want this to be a strategy because as soon as it becomes a strategy, again, you’re coming from the wrong place. 

Here’s what this question is really about. When you’re asking me, “How long should I wait to text the guy back?” What you’re asking me is this, “how high should I prioritize this man?

Because when you’re considering if you should take someone back straight away and get straight onto that text versus leave it, you’re saying, should I make it a priority now or should I do it later? 

It’s all about priorities. But here’s the thing. If you have no other priorities, you’re going to spend all your time thinking about how long you should wait to text a guy back. 

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When Should I Text Him?

1. Have Other Healthy Priorities

So if you feel like you don’t, if you feel like there’s not enough going on in your life or you’re not doing enough with yourself or things you want to do, then that’s the first thing you want to do to answer this question – it’s finding other priorities that you love and get involved with them. 

2. Use Airplane Mode

Prioritize those things. Do them and put your phone on airplane mode when you do. You can tell guys that you’re doing this as well, and what’s going to happen is this. When you’re prioritizing other things, he’s not going to expect a response from you. He’s going to know you’re off doing things and that’s going to be a healthy and attractive thing for him to look on that you’re doing. And then maybe later in the night you don’t have much else going on. So you put your phone back into normal mode and you’re replying straight away. It’s going to create this natural balance where sometimes you’re prioritizing other things and sometimes you’re prioritizing him. 

3. Prioritise Him As He Prioritises You

And the final thing that you want to think about is how is this man prioritizing me? 

Because remember, what you don’t want to do is keep prioritizing someone who isn’t giving you the same investment back. Investment for investment, not investment for not-investment. 

If he’s not prioritizing you at all, and he’s constantly doing his other things, then you didn’t prioritize him at all and you constantly do your other things. Whereas if he’s making an effort to get back to you, if he’s apologizing when he is a bit sloppy, if he’s putting in the time and effort to text you between things that he’s doing, then you’re also going to put in the time and effort to text him between things that you’re doing. 


So guys, think less about the amount of time and the strategy in terms of texting a guy back and think more about how highly am I gonna prioritize this guy versus the other amazing priorities in my life. Think of the question in that way, and you’ll always know exactly when and how long you should take to text the guy back without playing any weird games or strategies at all.

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