How To Make A Man Cry In Bed? Things You Should Try Today

How To Make A Man Cry In Bed? Things You Should Try Today:- There are many things you can try to make him cry in bed. Some are really beneficial and some tricks may vary from person to person. Let’s start with lines you can say to make him cry.

These are lines that you can say as things are starting to heat up between the sheets that are going to have him frothing over you.

When things are just starting to get hot and heavy between the sheets or between the two of you, wouldn’t it be great if there were just one or two small little things you could say?

5 Lines To Make A Man Cry In Bed And Turn Him On

Little lines you could use to catapult his desire for you and get his masculine blood pumping? That’s what these lines are. Today, I’m giving you five lines to do that.

1. I love feeling you take control

What man doesn’t love to hear this? This is a call to the beast inside of him to take over and do what he does best. Say this and I promise it is going to get his blood pumping for you. 

2. Ravish me. 

This is a line of total submission. This communicates to him that you are sexually and mentally submitting to him for his pleasure, his penetration. This is such a beautiful line and it is a true call to the instinct inside a man to take over and ravish you.  This is one of the best ways of “How To Make A Man Cry In Bed“.

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3. I love the way you touch me. 

Men want to know that they’re doing things right, especially in a sexual context. So much of a man’s self-worth is wrapped up in the way he can please you and have an effect on you when you tell him, “I love the way you touch me.

You give him a beautiful gift. You tell him he’s doing a good job. You tell him to do more of it. You tell him the effect that he’s having on you. Men love to hear this

4. I’ve been ready for you all afternoon. 

Oh, what man does not want to hear that, that you’ve been craving him that you’ve been ready for him, that you’ve been wet for him the entire afternoon when he’s first going down on you when he’s first touching you and you tell him this, he will lose his mind.  This is another good way How To Make A Man Cry In Bed.

5. It’s ridiculous what you do to my body. 

What man doesn’t love hearing this? This is the effect he has on you that means so much to him in the same context as you say, I love the way you touch me. 

You telling him the effect that he’s having on your body makes him feel like a virulent, powerful, masculine man.

Tell him about the incredible effect he has on your body and I guarantee he’s going to want to ravish you.  

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Should Men Cry? And Why They Don’t Cry like women?

Babies cry children cry, and doves cry. But under no circumstances are boys supposed to cry. It just isn’t manly, we’re told.

It’s something that women do. But it turns out, that’s not quite true. Studies show that from infancy until around age 5, boys express their feelings more than girls.

A 1999 study by Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital found that boys were more likely than girls to fuss, ask to be picked up, and most importantly, cry. So if you want to be very literal, boys do cry.

Wanna know How To Make A Man Cry In Bed? Read all 5 points given in this article.

But what happens after age 5? 

Do they slowly become less emotional until they are stoic pillars of strength and officially a “man”? 

That doesn’t seem to be the case either. One study by psychology research institute Mindlab gathered a group of 15 fathers and 15 mothers and showed them a series of videos.

The researchers categorized the videos as either funny, exciting, blissful, or heartwarming. While they watched the videos, participants’ emotional responses were monitored by electrodes on their fingers.

The electrodes recorded marginally higher responses for men when they watched blissful, funny, or exciting videos.

But when the men watched a soldier coming home to his daughter, they were a mess inside, recording twice the physiological response women did.

Men are still emotional on the inside, even more so than women, it would seem. But they don’t show it.

That Mindlab study surveyed the men and women after they watched the videos, and men consistently self-reported having less of a reaction than women.

So boys don’t shed their feelings when they grow into men, but they do seemingly cry less. 

So do you get your answer by reading our article On “How To Make A Man Cry In Bed? What To Say To Turn Him On In Bed“?

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Why Men Cry Less? 

Well, while some are quick to blame societal structures, there is a bit of biology behind it too.

The American Psychological Association reports that testosterone, which floods young boys’ bodies during puberty, may inhibit the crying reflex.

Meanwhile, prolactin, which is found in higher amounts in women and stimulates milk production after childbirth, may promote crying. But this isn’t the end-all reason boys don’t cry.

When society teaches men that expressing their emotions is unacceptable, they repress them instead.

Niobe Way, a professor of applied psychology at New York University has been studying how emotional repression affects boys.

Her research has shown that boys form deep and meaningful friendships in early and middle adolescence that are just as emotionally intimate as the friendships young girls develop.

But by age 16 they’ve distanced themselves from other men, even though the desire for those strong bonds remains. Other research has shown this is about the same time men start falling behind in schools.

Sociologists Thomas Di Prete and Claudia Buchmann found that boys who strive for good grades are mocked by their peers.

Meanwhile, boys who participate in “un-masculine” but more expressive activities like music, art, and drama tend to get better grades.

Better grades can lead to better colleges, so proving you’re manly to your teenage buddies can have lasting consequences for the rest of your life. It can even cut your life short.

Age 16 is also the point when male suicides begin to rise. Psychologists believe the correlation with emotional repression is not coincidental. Men who are depressed are less likely than women to ask for help.

So while society is quick to say “man up”, it may ultimately be hurting all of us. It’s 2016, go ahead and cry, whoever you are.

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