When He Says He Loves Me But Doesn’t Make Time For Me

Today let’s talk about 3 Steps you should take When He Says He Loves You But Doesn’t Make Time For You. For all of us, spending quality time together is important, and one of the painful things in relationships can be when your partner doesn’t want as much time as you want with them.

So these three ways when you implement them in your life are going to help a lot when He Says He Loves Me But Doesn’t Make Time For Me.

When He Says He Loves Me But Doesn’t Make Time For Me

1. Do Something Together 

Here’s what I mean, there’s an important principle that states that “men get together so they can do things” the focus is on the activity itself.

Where “women do things so that they can get together” where the focus is on the connection. 

For men, we want to connect as well but the connection is a byproduct of doing something fun because we feel like we’ve accomplished something when we go out and we do something. 

So with your man, plan something fun that you can enjoy together:

  • Go hiking
  • Go to a concert
  • Go to a new brewery that just opened up
  • Check out a new restaurant

Whatever the things that you like to do together put the focus on an activity and you can trust that the connection will happen as a by-product. 

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2. Encourage Him To Get Away From You

Encourage him to get his guy time. Now I know that this might seem counterintuitive because the whole premise is to motivate him to spend time with you.

But when you understand how men are wired up it starts to make sense. Because we operate with what is called the law of elasticity. 

This states that as we spend time with you and as our connection with you increases other biochemicals are happening in us that create a desire to pull away to go and get some guy time, some dopamine time, some testosterone time. 

And then When we go away we get our guy time then our desire to be with you increases again and we’ve got a desire to come back and be with you. 

It’s the women who make their men feel guilty like “oh you’re going to go be with your friends rather than be with me okay” and they play passive-aggressive or they play the victim or they straight-out criticize him like “you’re going to hang out you’re going to go golfing with your friends again, we haven’t spent any time this week” they start complaining. 

It’s those types of women who criticize or make their man feel guilty or condemn him for wanting to go get some guy time that never gets the benefit of this love elasticity.

You’ll be amazed, the more you help your man have his independence and freedom, the more he will value you and the more he will want to be with you and the quality time he does spend with you will be even better. 

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3. Make Being With You Fun

It’s really easy when you’re in a relationship when you finally get some time together.

Uninterrupted, where you’re not working or you’re not with the kids or you’re not doing other stuff that goes on is just you and your man able to connect is real easy to slip into the let’s work on our conversation. 

Like so and talk about some things that have maybe been building up in you for a while or talk about the chores or talk about money or talk about all the other things that aren’t fun.

Save that stuff for a specific conversation and instead make the time together fun. When you want to work on the relationship, men see working on the relationship as work, not connection time.

So when you’re on about and you’re having your conversations pay attention to what his experience is like. 

You want your time together to be fun. Because here’s the deal, the more fun it is to be with you, the more that he will want to be with you. 

You can still have the chore conversation you can still let’s work on our conversation. Make sure you have fun together too.

Conclusion With Bonus Tip

My extra bonus tip for you is: When you’re done hanging out with him celebrate him for the amazing experience that you had with him.

Men, we gravitate to where we are appreciated and we avoid the areas where we feel incompetent.

So if he’s going out with you and he gets criticized for not doing something right or the relationship isn’t the way you want it we take that as criticism we’re not measuring up we’re going to avoid spending more time in that area versus if we get celebrated by being with you that’s where we gravitate.

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