Dads Are Examples Of Your Daughter’s Future Husband – Dad’s Influence

Dads Are Examples Of Your Daughters Future Husband – Influence

Why Dads Are Examples Of Your Daughters Future Husband

Dads Are Examples Of Your Daughters Future Husband:- When it comes to thinking about the impact of dads on their daughters, what we see basically is that daughters are more likely to flourish educationally and even later on in life professionally when they’ve had an involved dad who’s engaged with them in their lives.

So there’s a way in which both fatherhood and marriage have done right, of course, are really, today, I think, acting in service of the cause of women’s progress.

So my research, for instance, shows that young women who have come from an intact family are more likely to be flourishing in their late 20s compared to young women who haven’t had that in their background.

So again, there’s a way in which today girls benefit from having an active father in their life. Across class lines.

We also see too when it comes to teen pregnancy that women who have a father present are much less likely to become pregnant as teenagers and women who have a close emotional relationship with their dad are much less likely to become pregnant as teenagers.

So having both a father present in your life and having an engaged and affectionate dad in your life is a real resource for our girls here in the U.S.

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The Impact Fathers Have On Their Daughters

So the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publishes a report on a fairly regular basis on child abuse and child neglect.

It may have a figure that maps out or charts out the relationship between family structure and child abuse, so the physical abuse of kids, the sexual abuse of kids, and the emotional abuse of children.

I think they actually come out in boys and girls in this particular figure, and there’s a very strong association between family structure and kids’ safety on these three outcomes.

And so kids who are being raised in an intact biological married family have much lower rates of abuse than kids in other arrangements, and the riskiest place in America is where you have a biological parent and an unrelated adult.

They don’t specify how that’s arranged but that’s typically the mom and an unrelated male boyfriend, that’s a much riskier place for our kids.

They’re about nine times more likely to be physically, sexually, or emotionally abused in those relationships with family contexts than kids who are being raised in intact married families.

So that’s just one indication of the way in which, in this case, both girls and boys are safer from the scourge of child abuse when they’re being raised by their own married parents.

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