3 Easy Things To Do When You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Him, What To Do Now?

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Him:- How do you stop thinking about someone? How do you stop missing someone? How do you move on?

Well stick with me and I’ll give you my 3 tips on How do you stop thinking about someone, how do you stop missing someone and how do you just turn off your brain and your heart so that you can get the closure and move on. 

When you break up with someone, it’s devastating. There are so many emotions and feelings going around it’s absolutely awful. That’s probably you know the next worst thing that can happen. 

So I really want to give you my personal sort of practical tips to help you actually move on, to help you actually stop thinking about him.

I believe that if you do these things and it will actually happen a lot faster rather than just expecting it to happen I’m not doing anything at all. 

Missing Someone Is A State Of Mind

Now that’s something to be excited about because it means that we are able to change that state of mind.

When we miss someone we obviously missing them because we no longer have their presence. Lack of their presence in our life or their absence basically means that we have a reason to miss them okay because they’re no longer in our world.

We can’t change that, the solution to missing somebody isn’t about then having them read into your life.

It’s all about in your state of mind so that you don’t associate their absence in your life with the emotional state of missing them or the emotional turmoil of missing them. The way that we do that is we need to kind of renew our mind. 

What we need to do is:-

Be conscious of what we are thinking about.

What we tend to do when we’re missing someone is we indulge in those thoughts. We kind of allow them to take us on a tangent and us kind of think about all those memories.

The reason why we do that, the reason why we indulge in those thoughts, the reason why we go on down that tangent mentally with them and allows us to go through those emotions even though it’s killing us is that it makes us still believe that we can have that connection to them and we gravitate to what we’re familiar with even if it is painful.

Sometimes especially if you haven’t got closure or maybe you’re not even wanting closure, because that’s sometimes what we feel in a relationship as well.

On one hand, we don’t want to feel like crap but on the other hand, we know that once we get better it means that we have literally moved on and they’re no longer in our life.

A part of us probably doesn’t even want to move on because we’re still emotionally attached to what we had with that person. But you need to remember that in your thought process whatever you water is what grows.

So if you’re constantly allowing yourself to indulge in those thoughts of missing him and to basically water that emotion of missing him then that is what’s going to grow.

You don’t want to feel that you have to lock yourself away from the world or do an extreme behavior in order to be able to move on and forget about this person.

You’re not going to forget about them probably for as long as what you live. What we’re trying to do is not deny that that person exists. But rather change the emotive and mental state that you have associated with that person’s absence in your life.

And the only way that we’re going to do that is if we start to build new neurons and pathways in your brain that is actually going to build positive energy around the absence of their presence in your life. 

So by catching yourself and actually be aware of what your thoughts are doing and then choosing something positive that is going to get you further towards the healing and further towards the progress then that is where you’re going to start really breaking that negative habit and retraining your brain to not miss them as such. 

If you can actually replace that thought of missing him once you caught it and then replace it with some sort of positive physical action then what you’re doing is you’re retraining your brain to go “hang on a second I need to now do something different” and it’s like you’re interrupting that pattern within your brain and that’s what we want to do.

We want to have a pattern interrupt inside our brain and then we want to replace it with a positive habit that will eventually give us a new emotion or a new kind of little neuron branch inside our brain so that we no longer have this cycle of thinking about the same person over and over again. 

This is something that does take the time it does take discipline. So I suggest having someone keep you accountable if you struggle with keeping yourself accountable. It also takes 21 days.

Remove Triggers

Another good way to stop missing somebody and to stop thinking about them is definitely to remove kind of reminders of them. So that you’re not having this constant physical reminder of them not being in your life anymore.

Whether it’s photos, whether it’s Facebook and social media accounts, whether it’s just certain things that you held on to that he gave you (you really need to let go of). 

There’s something really symbolic about letting go of that person that’s no longer in your life.

When you’re able to let go of whatever that physical reminder is, whether it’s a piece of jewelry, whether it is a photo, whether it’s a let out, whether it’s even going through your social media account and deleting those couple photos. 

Make your life easier like seriously don’t make it harder for yourself by having all these triggers around you. 

Maybe you need to go and mix up your room a little bit, maybe you need to go and redecorate. I’m not saying go spend lots of money.

Shift up your physical and visual environment. So that you don’t have these constant reminders of him which are going to trigger that thought and then of course that emotion of missing him. 

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Dp Tangible Tasks

And lastly, shift your focus to tangible tasks. We know that you know we can be in our own brain and we can be overthinking things and we tend to do that more when we don’t have our hands busy. 

We all know that doing something that doesn’t actually require a lot of thinking means that our thoughts will probably tend to drift back to that person.

So what you want to do if you’re going to go into a task and such to kind of distract yourself.

Make sure it’s something that actually involves you to be consciously aware of what you’re doing. Whether it’s a new language, whether it’s learning a new skill, whether it’s actually listening to somebody else and their problems.

If you can actually do things in your world that will distract you and require you to be mentally and emotionally present at that moment then it’s going to be a lot easier to be able to take the focus off that person that is no longer in your life.

It means that once again you’re going to be learning to train your brain to actually survive without the person and realize that you can create emotional positive happiness in other ways as well and not just associate happiness with having that person in your life.

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