When A Man Is Vulnerable With A Woman – How Does A Man Show Vulnerability?

When A Man Is Vulnerable With A Woman & How Does A Man Show Vulnerability? We’re going to talk about seven signals that a guy likes you. What are the signs that a man is vulnerable with you and likes you?

Look, guys are very shy when it comes to showing their interest in a woman. They are pretty much scared to death of rejection which is why any woman that’s approached by a guy, you got to appreciate the amount of courage and energy that took for him to overcome his fear just to say something to you. 

There’s this constant stream of debate going on inside his head: 

  • Should I do it or not
  • Does she have a boyfriend or not

There are some guys out there who find it easy to start up conversations with women, but most guys don’t. 

They find making the first move to be incredibly difficult.

When A Man Is Vulnerable With A Woman How Does He Show

He Is Talking To You

I don’t want to sound like an idiot here but this one’s a no-brainer that most women completely overlook. 

If a guy isn’t interested in a woman, he’s only going to engage in polite conversation for a short time, just like a woman would, and then he is going to move on. 

But if he is hanging out there talking with you, he’s probably at least interested or at least he’s trying to decide when he might ask for your phone number. 

This is why it’s always a good idea to drop little reasons. In other words, drop some hints and give him opportunities for him to do that. 

Show him the open door to asking you out. 

He Asks Probing Questions

Guys want to do what women want to do. We want to remove all the doubt and risk so we can avoid that rejection. 

So an easy way for him to do that is to ask you questions that are designed to find out if you’ve already got a boyfriend in your life. 

He will ask you things like:

  • “Hey, what do you do on weekends”
  • “Do you like to go out much”

It’s not him trying to find out if you’re a hermit or telling you that you don’t have any friends. 

What they are only trying to do is find out if there is another man already in your life or not. So watch for those signals. 

He Can’t Keep His Eyes Off Of You

Guys don’t have a whole lot of self-control when it comes to their eyes. You might have noticed that if you’ve ever worn a low-cut dress around us. 

Yes, we are irresistibly drawn to certain things visually but one is important to us and it’s the sight of your face. 

As a result, he is not going to be able to tear his eyes away from you, He will be trying to drink you in with his eyes. 

And yes, this means he will do it even to the point of being oblivious to you or other people noticing that he is staring. So watch out, that is a really big signal.

He Does A Little Bit Of Showing Off

Most women think that a guy is bragging is a sign of a runaway ego, but it’s not like that at all. 

He is trying to show that he’s at the top of the food chain. He is going to go out of his way to keep you entertained and interested in him. 

He wants you to think of him as being funny, cool and you know an all-around great guy. 

If he acts like a douche most of the time that could be a problem but the fact is, that more than likely he’s just trying to impress you. 

Consider the amount of energy that he has to put into you and that’s going to show you that he values you which is an incredibly big signal when it comes to whether or not he likes you.

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He Buys You Stuff And Tries To Take Care Of You

When men go into full courtship mode he’s going to want to prove to you that he’s a provider and it starts right at the moment where he says “hey little lady, can I buy you a drink“. 

That’s his way of basically trying to show that he appreciates you with gifts. 

You see most guys, they weren’t the jock they weren’t Mr. popular in high school, that was maybe five guys or five percent of your whole class. 

The rest of the guys were your average normal shy guys and those are probably going to be the best guys for you. 

He Literally Can’t Stop Finding Ways To Get You Into His Life

In this electronic age, we usually do it electronically, Through social media, through Facebook, Instagram and you know Google, Twitter all those things. He is going to try to overlap with your life.

He wants to have you encounter him as many times as possible and you know what, you’ll want to know things about him and so does he. 

So you’re probably going to do a few electronics talking here and there. 

Don’t blame them, it’s the way of the world in this world we have now of constant and never-ending connectedness. He’s going to try and find an avenue for you to encounter him whether it’s showing up where you eat lunch or online. 

He is Putting In The Hours

This sign is another one that’s even easy to overlook when you might be tempted to try and interpret things instead of seeing what’s happening. 

When a guy is putting in effort or as I like to say putting in the hours, that means he is working to win you, and that’s the best sign that he is putting in the energy that he is trying to get you to see him as a possible suitor.

It’s the most solid indicator you can get of a man’s desire in the energy that he expends to win you over. 

This is why it’s so important for you to understand that the amount of energy he puts out, the work he puts in is equal to the love he feels. 

It’s not the words, it’s how much energy.

You may have heard the term before “labor of love“, that’s what the guy is doing, he is investing his energy. 

Don’t make it too easy for him to get you, give him a little bit of a challenge to overcome and he will appreciate you ten times more.

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