Signs That A Taurus Woman Likes You | Taurus Woman Physical Appearance

Taurus Woman Appearance, Personality & Character

Signs That A Taurus Woman Likes You | Taurus Woman Physical Appearance:- She is a conservative and very simple lady. But this simplicity can be dangerous in the relationships with her.

Dating a Taurus woman is always an unpredictable adventure for every man.

Today I wanna give you something more constructive than just an explanation of her features of character.

1. She Likes Simple And Honest Guys

To attract a Taurus female, you just need to be yourself. She likes simple and honest guys. She hates liars and swaggers. That’s why the relationships with her look like a fairytale.

You will never be hungry, cause she knows how to satisfy her man’s appetite, cooking all the best dishes.

And believe me or not, she is a master of making the most delicious salads, soups, and sweet things.

But not only her amazing housewife skills are the best side of the Taurus woman.

2. She Will Hate You Messy Things

If you are going to live together with her, be ready to have your house cleaned every day. Because she hates a mess.

And sometimes he reminds me of another zodiac sign – Virgo. They both have something common when it comes to home life and daily routine.

Taurus woman is more gentle and more artistic. As usual, she doesn’t smile and you think she has no mood. But it’s not about her humor.

3. She Will Make You Laugh

If you get to know her better, you can realize that Taurus is a sly woman. By sly I mean her amazing skills to make everyone laugh at you, even if it’s not funny.

That’s why a lot of men feel uncomfortable when they date a Taurus woman. She can tell directly what she thinks about you.

It’s not an abusive language, it’s just her habit, to tell the truth, expressing her pragmatic opinion, which makes her an honest and generous lady.

4. She Will Become More Assertive

If you consider a Taurus woman for life, be ready to have a dictator at your home.

She will always be telling you,

  • “clean a living room immediately, we have the guests today”.
  • “Don’t hide the socks under the couch, they stink too much”.
  • “Clean the dishes after the dinner, whether I will break your nose”.

But to make a Taurus woman obedient like a teddy-bear, it’s enough to present her the flowers at least two times a week, and bringing a coffee in bed every morning.

5. She Will Be Jealous Of You

She likes attention from man, but it must be sincerely from your heart. If you are a man who likes a woman’s jealousy, with a Taurus woman you can forget about this.

Don’t even try to provoke her to see her reaction about you with other women.

Cause she doesn’t care about such games. But when you come back home you will see a disaster.

With no explanations, she will put out the bags with your clothes, giving you a clear hint to get out forever.

And you will never see her crying, instead of this, she will have an ironic smile on her face only that can make angry everyone.

Because Taurus woman takes things as they are. In the moment where other zodiac signs like Cancer or Pisces cry, Taurus woman continues smiling acidly.

And such a smile will not let you fall asleep easily at night. So it’s better to forget about other women if you stand in the relationships with Taurus female.

6. You will become a regular part of her life

When something goes wrong, she will never show her aggression or spite.

She will kick you out of home, taking all your money, and saying like “I have found a lot of dust under your bed and two unwashed dishes in the kitchen, so get out”.

Even if the reason for scandal is not your, she will find a way how to make you’re guilty.

But it will be done pleasantly and lovingly – get out. But if you are capable of making a Taurus personality angry with you, what I think is difficult to do.

Then make sure a taxi is waiting for you around the corner, otherwise, you will see a lot of broken and flying dishes in your home.

And some of them can reach your head. So be careful and make sure your Taurus wife feels always ok with you to avoid such a drama in the relationships.

After all Taurus woman is not a personality who is hot and too passionate in the relationships.

As it is a Leo or Scorpio signs for example. If you are a good family man, your life can be ideal with a Taurus girl.

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Sometimes it may seem boring and dull, but if you need to refresh your emotions, it’s enough to tell her you broke her crystal vase to see how fast she can crush you psychologically.

Because she highly appreciates and loves her things, especially if they are antique or remind her about something.

So that’s all you should know about Tauru’s personality female.

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