Chair And Table Rentals For Weddings At Reasonable Prices

Chair And Table Rentals For Weddings At Reasonable Prices:- We will provide you the best rental services on chairs and tables.

I have given you the best buy links after every chair and table on this list for your convenience. Today we’re gonna discuss our different shapes of chairs and what to and where to use them. 

Table And Chair Rentals For Weddings

Wooden Folding Chair

So we’re gonna start with the good old fashion ceremony chair, this is your Wilburton. It’s quite nice. After all, they don’t actually sink into the grass because they’ve got a wider foot than most chairs in the industry and they fold quite easily.

Quite nice to stack it and to get rid of it quickly, if you need to clear a ceremony space or something like that and they’re very affordable, they are entry-level chairs and they also come in various colors. 

Also very nice if you’ve got an outside ceremony or if you’re having a branch or a dinner outside by your house or something like that, quite neat and sleek and they’re very nice for your own collections to cause you can stack them.


Sizes: Universal

Colors: White and Black


White – $3.50

Black – $3.75

White Buy Link 1

Black Buy Link 2


Luxury Chairs

So the next chairs are Tiffany chairs it’s the traditional chair and they’re widely available. They come with the cushions, so they’re quite nice for ceremonies.

It’s an easy chair and it is also one of your most affordable chairs for your ceremony chair. We’ve got them in three different colors in Gold, Silver, and White. 


Sizes: Universal

Colors: Gold, Silver, and White


Gold – $9.50

Silver – $9.50

White – $9.50

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Victoria Chair

So the next one I would like to talk about is one of my favorites, it’s the victoria chair. It’s got the old classic style of the victoria chairs.

This one is the ghost chair it works quite well with a raw table or one with linen because they are see-through and they reflect light quite beautifully.

They’re also available in black and white. The black I would say is definitely for somebody whos got a little bit more edge to an alternative bride and someone a little bit more daring, they’re dramatic. 


Sizes: Universal

Colors: Black and White

Price – $6.16

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Louis Ghost Chair

Another chair is the Louis ghost chair. I would say this is an old industry favorite because when they came into the scene, people were quite excited and they still carry that same amount of emotion even today.

These chairs we use wherever we most possibly can, so these chairs are quite nice for your ceremony and they carry a little bit more weight, you know, for that relative from the Vrystaat also.

They quite nice also that, they also reflect light beautifully and it’s a sturdy, reliable, beautiful chair. 


Sizes: Universal

Colors: Black and White


Both Color – $8.42

Buy Link

Wire Chair

This is the wire chair. This is the ‘it’ chair for the new wedding season. You will see them all over Pinterest and Instagram, so this is an absolute must-have at your wedding if you are a trendy bride, if you consider yourself somebody moving with the fashion and the trends for the season.

They might not look it but they’re super comfortable. They’re quite nice to do outside or use them indoors. The black wire chair is quite nice to use if you are looking for a more industrial look.

I would strongly recommend the black chair. And the white chair I think goes well with the outdoors, because it’s just got that nice almost drifting into your landscape rather and it can also be used indoors. 

So it depends on what kind of look and feel you go for a cause they’re quite diverse with the minimal design but they also have this cool retro vibe to them, so if you want to jazz them up for like a cool 70’s garden party, I would strongly recommend this white chair like the ones we use to have in our garden as children.

These chairs might not look it but they’re quite comfortable because they’ve got a little bit of a recline, as you can see most chairs, like the tiffany, has got a quite a straight-up back but these tend to give a bit as well and they’ve got a bucket seat which also makes it a bit more comfortable and heavier seaters as well, it’s a sturdy chair with a four-piece right around leg rather than four pegging into the ground. 


Sizes: Universal

Colors: White, Gold, and Silver


White – $8.44

Gold – $12.98

Silver – $10.38

Buy Link

Gold Plush Chair

I kept this one for last because for the grand finale we will end with a grand chair. This is our golden oval back. It’s a plush chair, it’s super comfortable and it’s got a gold trim.

This chair can go with a very opulent wedding but can also go with a very minimalistic look and feel. If you just have a white table with nothing basically on it and you’ve got these chairs, you already have more than enough.

They are bigger than most chairs as you can see, the seating area, so if you want you could be one of those people who want to give your guest a lush, five-star experience this would be the chair that I would go to for. 


Sizes: Universal

Colors: Gold


Gold – $15.00

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Table Rentals For Wedding

Long Plastic Tables (Rectangular)

These plastic long tables are really very useful for your weddings or parties. You can easily move these types of tables from one place to another because they don’t have much weight and these tables are foldable too. 

The weak point of these tables is that they are not as durable as other wooden tables. But don’t worry, these tables can easily handle 4 to 10 adults with lots of leg rooms (Depending on the size you pick).

You can use these plastic rectangular tables indoor and outdoor both. One extra advantage of using these tables is that they are easy to clean because of the smooth design.

You can use these tables at Weddings, Banquet Halls, Parties, Cafeterias, Conference Centers, Schools, Home Celebrations, etc.


Sizes: 4, 6, 8 Feet Long and 24, 30, 30 Inches Wide

Colors: White and Grey


4 Feet 24 Inches – $8.00

6 Feet 30 Inches – $8.00

8 Feet 30 Inches – $10.00

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Long Wooden Tables (Rectangular)

These long wooden tables are the same as long plastic tables, but the difference is that these wooden tables have little more weight than the plastic tables.

These wooden tables can handle 6 to 8 adults easily. (Depending on the size you pick).


Sizes: 6, 8, 8, 8 Feet Long and 30, 48, 30, 40 Inches Wide

Colors: Wooden Top


6 Feet 30 Inches – $10.00

8 Feet 48 Inches – $25.00

8 Feet 30 Inches – $12.00

8 Feet 40 Inches – $19.00

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Plastic Round Tables

These round tables are specially for group games at weddings or parties. You can keep this table in front of the bride and groom for the cake ceremony.

These plastic tables can handle 4 to 8 adults easily. (Depending on the size you pick).


Sizes: 48 and 6o Inches

Colors: Gray and White Top


48 Inches – $9.00

60 Inches – $10.00

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Wooden Round Tables

These round wooden tables are dining tables. You can use these tables at Weddings, Fundraisers, Private Parties, School Events, Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, etc.

These round wooden tables can handle 4 to 12 adults easily. (Depending on the size you pick).


Sizes: 36, 54, 60 and 72 Inches

Colors: Wood Top


36 Inches – $11.00

54 Inches – $12.00

60 Inches – $14.00

72 Inches – $15.00

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Round And Square Cocktail Tables

These cocktail tables are small in size and they can give a professional high-class look to your parties. You can decorate these tables with clothes and ribbons easily and they will look stunning after that.


Shape: Round and Square

Sizes: 24, 30, 36 Inches

Colors: Not Mentioned


24 Inches Round – $10.00

30 Inches Round – $12.00

36 Inches Round – $11.00

30 Inches Square – $12.00

Buy Link 1

Buy Link 2

Buy Link 3

How To Choose The Proper Table

Today we will share some tips on things to consider when initially planning your event. Details are very important for any wedding or event. Well, it’s fun to focus on the flower venues in decor. 

It is first important to make some crucial decisions that will truly dictate what kind of event you’ll be having. One of these early decisions is choosing the right kind of table. Believe it or not, but a table is going to say a great deal about what kind of event you’ll be throwing. 

Rectangular tables tend to portray a more casual feeling for a wedding or a party. They’re used for family or picnic-style gatherings, you can line them up next to each other or form them into larger rectangles if necessary. 

Choosing round tables means you are most likely hosting a more formal event. Round tables will always be on their own with your guests see it around them. Weddings in defense with formal food services will use round tables.

A newly popular table choice especially in the Jacksonville in north Florida areas of farm tables. These tables are usually made from nice quality wood and provide that traditional rustic feeling. 

A runner down the middle of a farm table may be all you need to set the tone as you wouldn’t want to cover up the natural craftsmanship. Remember of all the details to come later the type of table you choose is an early indicator of what kind of event you’re having.

So I hope that this was a very formative session and that you know which Chair And Table Rentals For Weddings you would like to use and where to use it and if not please feel free to contact us and we will assist wherever we can.

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